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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Made with Love ...

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


So, yesterday I stepped out of the kitchen and we set out to make our own Christmas Tree, inspired by Tanya at my favourite store in Cotton Tree, The Lovely Bird.
We are in the middle of renovating a little cottage on our property, so we have copious amounts of scrap timber, so this was an easy task.
I went to the shed and found my favourite paints that I've used to paint furniture, some old white ceiling paint, old rags and away we went.
I was prepared to hand-saw the lengths that I needed, however I cheated and had my man cut them, with his electric saw, just because he looked like he needed something to do.  He also used his nail gun to attach them to the post after I'd placed them where I wanted them.
My youngest Eli, getting his hands dirty ..
and his body, and his shorts, and the dogs :)
Then, with a little bit of paint, a touch of motherly stress and a lot of love, we painted each panel with rags, rather than brushes, to give it amore rustic appeal.
And there you have it!
Love, love, love it!
Now to decorate it ...

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